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This tiny class allows you to easily extract data from various website. It uses the fileOpen class I created, but can easily be changed if you need it to.

The implementation file shows you how easily it can be implemented, you basically need 3 lines of code to do the extraction and a for loop to show the data. It enables you to remove duplicate results as well.
This class basically encapsulates the following four built in functions: fopen, file_get_contents, filesockopen, and curl.

The only reason I created this class is because sometime some of my work will work on some hosting and some will not because of the file open method I use. This will enable me to easily ask people to switch functions without having to implement much coding on their side.

The class allows users to add headers to file_get_contents, filesockopen, and c... (there's more text inside)
Two fixes to update the Simple Blog.

Update One (admin/pages/posts.php)
Line 196 after
PHP Code: <?php
... (there's more text inside)
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