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Its much more simpler than pacman, just going around and eating fruits.

Later on I will edit it to actually have enemies to fight.

This is my first Flex/Flash game.


[SWF File]
The same origin policy was created as a permission scheme for communication of websites on same/different servers using browser side languages, like Javascript.

You might have ran into a problem trying to access properties of an Iframe of an external server, for example getting an element by point x & y, which I was trying to achieve when working on the flash click tracker (link... (there's more text inside)
This is a flash object that overlays (using CSS) HTML object, like an iframe/div/span/images/etc. The width and height of the flash object is customizable.

The flash object then calls back a javascript function, also customizable, when a click event occurs on that object.

The only drawback is that the user must "double click" on the flash object. Since the first click is when the flash object is hidden.

... (there's more text inside)
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