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This application allows you to store user input in x milliseconds, store the strokes in a file every x milliseconds, and email that file using SMTP email login and attachment every x milliseconds. You can create a dummy email account to send the information with in the event your application was decoded.

This application features another option that allows you to store the executable path in the system registry for automatic program load on system startup.

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These are two functions to manipulate PHP objects.

The first function is similar to array_merge function in that it merges two objects based on an index.

The second function in_object also acts like in_array to which it checks if a certain index exists in an array at a specific value.

Hopefully someone finds it helpful.

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This simple, yet fully customizable flash object allows you to hide your links based on a simple coding class I wrote.

You can view the flash object by clicking here.

The link contains sample implementation in PHP and a working demo to see how it works.
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